The Supplements I Take & Why

Before I begin, I want to be clear that this is no way an endorsement on my behalf and I am not being paid by anyone to talk about these supplements.  These are just ones that I enjoy taking and have worked into my daily routine (when I remember to take them). Lets begin! I… Continue reading The Supplements I Take & Why


12 Days of Health Ginger Bread Cookies

Hello, participants! It is day eight of 12 Days of Health challenge. Below is the third recipe out of the four you will get. Please share on Instagram what your favorite healthy holiday recipes are or your own version of this recipe. Be sure to tag @girlgettinfit and @bodysamantix as well as #12daysofhealth. Late posts… Continue reading 12 Days of Health Ginger Bread Cookies


12 Days of Health Peppermint Bark

Welcome to day two of 12 Days of Fitness! Below I have shared a recipe for a healthy alternative to a famous staple dessert during the holidays. I hope you all enjoy it. If you make it yourself, be sure to show us by tagging @girlgettinfit and @bodysamantix as well as hash-tagging #12daysofhealth on Instagram.… Continue reading 12 Days of Health Peppermint Bark


Change on the Horizon

I recognize that I have not posted or written in quite a while. Regrettably, I have lost a touch of the inspiration that I once had to post continuously each week. Most of my site consists of recipes and an informative post or two. For the most part though, it is typically food. As my… Continue reading Change on the Horizon


Struggles A Fit Girl Will Understand

1. The fear of see-through leggings. Have you done the downward dog test on those yet? You probably should. You know, just in case. 2. The saggy pony tail. Nothing worse than a pony tail that can't stay out of your way. Keep 'em high ladies. 3. You may have 20+ pairs of black workout… Continue reading Struggles A Fit Girl Will Understand


Treadmill Cardio & HIIT Routine

Just like it is important to have a well balanced diet, it is also important to have a well balanced work out regimen. Weight lifting and toning are just important as cardio. Cardio works out our heart and the heart is the most important muscle in our body! However, majority of us seem to despise… Continue reading Treadmill Cardio & HIIT Routine


Summer Time Salsa Fun!

Summer is here, Independence day is tomorrow and I can't think of a better dish to go with all of it! Salsa is such a crowd pleaser and below I have posted a recipe for a refreshing and mildly spicy salsa dip that will leave you and your friends wanting more! Ingredients 2 small tomatoes 1… Continue reading Summer Time Salsa Fun!


14 Day Challenge Calendar is here!

Hello everyone! I haven't posted anything lately but I am back and I bring exciting news! I am hosting my first ever giveaway challenge! I am hosting it through Instagram and all details can be found there on my profile. My Instagram name is @girlgettinfit. A major component of this challenge is the calendar that… Continue reading 14 Day Challenge Calendar is here!


Mango-Mint Smoothie

Spring is finally here and summer will arrive before we know it! Try this smoothie to kick off your spring and summer adventures. Ingredients 9 oz unsweetened vanilla coconut milk 2 tbsp. unsweetened organic shredded coconut 10 fresh mint leaves 1 cup frozen mango 2 scoops vanilla protein powder Directions Blend until smooth.