In the world of fitness and motivation, coming into it without much knowledge can be intimidating and overwhelming. There are those who began their journey years ago, and some who are following the path behind. Everyone starts in their own place and goes at their own pace. What is easy to forget though is that everyone started from somewhere. When I began my journey into the world of health and fitnessOlivia
I was largely intimidated by the people who had been doing it for so long. It wasn’t that they were rude, or mean but they had a confidence and a strong sense of self that I simply didn’t have. Persistence is key and not only that but it’s also important to find a community you connect with on a regular basis. With the inspiration and motivation I have gotten from others I have become stronger and now when I see myself in the
mirror I see the confidence that I strongly yearned for when I began. It has been such a gratifying experience and I wanted to share the things I’ve learned and my ideas with all of you.

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