Struggles A Fit Girl Will Understand

1. The fear of see-through leggings.

Have you done the downward dog test on those yet? You probably should. You know, just in case.


2. The saggy pony tail.

Nothing worse than a pony tail that can’t stay out of your way. Keep ’em high ladies.


3. You may have 20+ pairs of black workout pants but you cannot find your favorite pair.

Or, you’re like me and your closet is a rainbow of leggings yet you don’t have any that “speak” to you that day. #struggles


4. You are always hungry.


5. You are always thinking about your next meal or where you’ll get your next protein fix.


6. You are always out of memory on your phone.

Those progress pictures and gym selfies just take up so much space!


7. You dread laundry day.

Endless laundry…. never ending….


8. The olympic event that is taking off a sweaty sports bra.


9. When you can’t find a hair tie.

They are all over your house until the moment you need one.


10. Trying to stretch at the gym without looking sexual.


11. The front wedgie check is the bane of your existence.


12. You can tell that your squats pay off when your booty requires a different sized pant than the rest of your body.

This is an achievement and a struggle all at the same time. You may have many conflicting emotions.


13. This comment: “Don’t lift too heavy. You’ll get really big muscles.”

Two things. 1, that is not how it works. And 2, is that even a bad thing?!


14. Drinking water all the time = Peeing all the time.


But despite all this….


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