Change on the Horizon

I recognize that I have not posted or written in quite a while. Regrettably, I have lost a touch of the inspiration that I once had to post continuously each week. Most of my site consists of recipes and an informative post or two. For the most part though, it is typically food. As my Instagram followers may know, I am in NYC for the next six weeks. Because of that, my ability to post food material on my IG and my blog has diminished greatly. Along with that I am taking a full load of courses at New York University for the next 6 weeks. With all of that said, I want to revamp and change what my site is about! This city has made my creative energy fiery. I have made the decision to completely change the direction of what my site and IG is about. Yes, there will still be yoga and yogurt bowls but I call myself Girl Gettin’ Fit because that is what I am doing!

My two online outputs are going in a more realistic direction of what my fitness routine really is. Primarily, I build my strength by doing a mixture of circuit training and weight lifting six times a week but I do not share it. Mostly I post yoga poses but in reality my yoga practice is quite tame and mostly restorative. The fun arm balances and headstands that you all see is something I practice during my stretching after a workout. Within the next few weeks, I will begin to incorporate more videos, pictures and information about what my workouts are and the progress (or plateaus) that I hit and make. This is what I have wanted to do from the beginning but was too afraid of what followers may think or what people may say. I do not care about that anymore. If you would like to unfollow me, please feel free to do so. However, I hope that most of you will stick around as I continue to better myself inside and out!

-Girl Gettin’ Fit

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