5 Days Into Prep!

Here I am, five days into my competition prep. I must say its been easier than I thought. The only hard thing is that I have to eat seven times a day. SEVEN. Never before in my life have I eaten that many meals in a day. The purpose of it is to speed up my metabolism. It surely is working, because with each da that goes on I am a tad bit hungrier each day. The first two days were the most brutal, as I was never hungry and nearly felt nauseous from how much I was consuming. Fortunately, that issue has subsided and I don’t feel so badly anymore. The meals have been extensive and the workouts have been challenging but I feel very good! 

I have started out consuming 1600 calories a day on a high protein and low fat diet. Prior to this I was on a bulk and was eating 2100+ calories a day. For my shorter height it may have seemed like a lot but it was definitely a successful bulk. I put on about ten pounds in nine months. Most of it being muscle, my strength increased greatly and I was able to increase my weight and even double it for some exercises. However, now it is time to shed this “fluff” and take my physique to new places.

My diet is comprised of whole foods and absolutely nothing processed with the exception of whey protein powder. For breakfast I have your typical egg whites and oats. All measured out meticulously with every macro nutrient taken into consideration. Every three days I get to put a tad bit of honey on my oats and thats always a nice treat. 🙂

More to come soon! I will post progress pictures too.


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