Getting Out of a Rut, Competing

Now that summer is in full swing, I figured I’d begin to get more consistent with my postings here. Not only have I been inconsistent here, but also in other aspect of my fitness/health life as well. I set a goal for myself earlier this year to put on a little weight so that I could gain more strength and muscle mass.
It definitely worked. My squat weight nearly doubled, as did my dead lift and I added on about 50lbs to my max rep on dumbbell rows. I was feeling pretty pleased with myself. I still do feel that way, who doesn’t like making progress? Even though I have still been going to the gym regularly like I always do, the workouts themselves have been scattered and unfocused.  We all have ups and downs. Sometimes to get out of them we just need a really good kick in the pants to get going again.

I have always wanted to compete. When I first entered the lifting world, I was really taken aback by bikini competitors. I wasn’t grossed out or disgusted, I just thought of them as more of this untouchable level I would never reach. Obviously, that is not true. Anyone can try to compete, whether they succeed or not is really entirely up to the competitor. When I realized that competitions more far more accessible than I initially thought, competing was something that popped on my radar more often than not. For a few months I thought it over. Then within the last few weeks I have just hit such a low point with my workouts that it sparked this newfound motivation to get my act together. After only a few days of looking I have found my coach and I am all set! I start the entire process this Friday, the 29th. Though I haven’t gotten a show picked out yet, I haven’t been this excited to start a project in a very long time. I don’t only want to do this to get out of the rut I am in, but to take my physique to new places and to have fun with it! It is going to be an amazing learning experience and I can’t wait to post my progress here and share it all with you!

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