9 Weeks into “Prep”

I must admit, this has been a bit of a roller coster rather than a steady uphill pace of reaching my goals. As of last week I am officially 32 weeks out from my first show, or “#32weeks” as some may write on Instagram and various other social media outlets. As of right now, I have chosen The Emerald Cup as my show. It should stay that way unless forever reason I peak too early or decide not to compete. The show is only ridiculously close to where I live so I didn’t see any point in passing it up! It’s definitely one of the bigger NPC shows, so as a first timer that adds a whole new layer of nervousness to it. I keep wondering if I’ll do well or what call-out I’ll be placed into. Even typing this out right now makes me nervous! Even though I think those a valid thoughts, I have to keep reminding myself that this whole process isn’t solely focused on the competition itself. Yes, thats the end product and thats what I’m basing everything on but so much of this is just having the mental strength to stay on track and to not give up. Thats probably where I have struggled the most. The first thing that threw me off track was a combination of my best friend leaving for college, and a three day music festival that I attended which LITERALLY blew my mind. Just thought I’d say that in case you were wondering. 🙂 At any rate, I guess with this festival there is a flu that circles around it. And about 4 days post festival it hit me like a wall of bricks in the form of Strep.

Awesome, right? Not so much. For about ten days I could barely eat, let alone work out. That really threw a wrench into things. However my coach, who is an amazing person and is quickly becoming one of my favorite people on this planet, helped me get out of the rut with no judgement and no negativity. Steadily my workouts began to pick up and can happily say I am back on track 110%. Even though I lost a month progress, I’m not going to get upset about it. Theres no point in feeling guilty, or ashamed. What happened, happened and now lets just mooovvveee along. I am really excited about what’s to come and my body is already getting back into the shape it was in before I fell off the wagon. Anywho, I just wanted to check in and try to re-vamp my failed attempt of writing weekly for the entire summer. Off to get eat some chicken and steamed veggies now!
Peace out readers,


1 thought on “9 Weeks into “Prep””

  1. A beautiful description of facing goals and life with grace. Enjoy this journey, this adventure, this discovery….. and thanks for sharing.

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