HEALTHY-ish Halloween: Dried Pumpkin Seeds

Have you ever carved a pumpkin and wonder what you were going to do with all of those pumpkin seeds? Or maybe you just assumed you were going to throw them away? Well don’t toss them yet! Because below I have posted two super simple and delicious dried pumpkin seed recipes. Not only are pumpkin seeds full of holiday spirit but they are full of healthy fats and vitamins. They make a for a healthy and delicious snack!

1.After you have cleaned off all the strings on the seeds, lay them out evenly on a baking sheet.

2. If you want your seeds spicy~ lightly sprinkle chile powder over the seeds and add a dash of salt.

If you want them garlic-ey~ lightly sprinkle powdered garlic rosemary.

  • It is important to add the toppings right after they are cleaned so that the seasoning sticks. 

3. Let the seeds dry out for 7-9 hours. Feel them and make sure they are try. If they aren’t let them dry longer. Time can vary depending on the water content of the pumpkin. Also be sure to shake them around so they are flipped and can dry evenly.

4. Once they are dry, preheat the oven to 275 degrees.

5. Bake them for 45 minutes. Shake the pan around every so often that they bake on both sides.



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